Mode Implant represents the reached last point of dental implantology by new trend products for each esthetic solutions and all bone types with maximum performance in all treatment concepts.



HA Osteoblastic BCP Surface MorphologyHA Osteoblastic BCP Surface Morphology  

Hyroxyapatite Caicium Phosphate ceramics consisted of hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate is a major biomaterial in the dental field. Perfect HA Osteoblastic homogeneous surface morphology BIC Bone-Implant Contact provides perfect combination with human body and 100% biocompitable BCP Biphasic Calcium Phosphate under favour of Optimum Osseointegration.


HA Osteoblastic BCP Surface MorphologyPerfect BIC Bone-Implant Contact

Mode Implant products which are blasted by the USA originated Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Micro - Blast Technology with HA futures have strong oseointegration  and our implants have the morphology which allows osseointegration in a short time by supporting mechanical fixation.  

(Hydroxylapatite >65%)   +  (b-TCP,​ a-TCP and TTCP phase <35%)

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Innovative Implant-Abutment Connection System

Perfect mechanical connection design minimizes the possible load to the center and connection screw in Implant-abutment correlation.

Perfect overlap with Cold Weld Connection protects microleaks.


MODE IMPLANT connection provides simplified assembly and confidence for component positioning
Conical Connection & Octagonal Interlocking
High Mechanical Strength
Tight Sealing
Secure Prosthetic Positioning
Platform Switching
High Esthetics

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Color coded packaging makes easier the products choice, stock management and products definition. Color codes show the implant-abutment connection platform on the labels and components to our dentists and technicians. 

NP Narrow Platform Ø3.3 - Ø3.7mm
RP Regular Platform Ø4.1 -  Ø4,7  -  Ø5,2mm
WP Wide Platform   Ø5.3  - Ø6.0mm 

MODE LEVEL IMPLANT    New Tapered Design for All Clinical Indications

Mode LEVEL provides perfect balance between high primary stability and gentleness to the bone, which makes it highly convenient implant for immediate implantation and loading.

  • Better initial stability for all bone types
  • From Single to Multiple Unit
  • One Stage or Two Stage Surgical Procedures
  • Immediate & Early & Delayed Loading Protocol



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MODE RAPID  IMPLANT      Advance Design for Unique Clinical Results

The design of the RAPID implant is an excellent option for all kinds of indications and especially in areas with reduced bone amount and quality, with the ability to condense spongiform bones, apex feature for immediate implantation protocols, ability to change direction during implantation. 

  • Expanding Groove Section and High Primer Stabilization
  • Reinforced Self Tapping Osteotomy
  • Double Threated Tooth Design and Rapid İmplantation
  • Constricted Coronal Structure and Minimization of Cortical Stresses
  • Self Drilling Capability with Constricted Apex Structure
  • Ability ofChanging Direction in Soft Tissue
  • Bone Condense Feature 



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SHORT Implants which are prefered in atrophic edentulous mandible anterior and atrophic edentulous posterior region reduce the alveolar bone augmentation and sinus lifting requirement,also by short Implants there is no need for changing the N.alveolar Inf. nerve and it provides 



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MODE SHORTER IMPLANT     High Primer Stabilization 

Immediate Implantation & Immediate Loading

  • Excellent Primary Stability even in Soft Bone
  • From Single to Multiple Unit
  • One Stage or Two Stage Surgical Procedures
  • Immediate & Early & Delayed Loading Protocol



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MINI one-piece Implant system provides a solution for excessively resorbed jaw, narrow teeth range and insufficient rooth range. Mode Mini Implants which are used without touching the flap were designed as O-Ball with Ø2.2, Ø2.5 and Ø2.9 diameter for removable prosthesis restoration.




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MODE PROVO IMPLANT     Single-Piece Bendable Solutions


  • PROVO-T : Untreated Surface Temporary implant (Slim,  Single-Piece, Bendable)
  • PROVO-C : Cement Restoration Single-Piece & Bendable Implant
  • PROVO-S : Screw Retained Restoration (Single-Piece, Bendable , Multi-Unit-Head)



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Mode Medikal Dental Implant Systems are covered under warranty by    

By our warranty card, we ensure the quality of our product to prove the assurance for your patients. After the treatment, thanks to the warranty card, customer relationship is raised to the heighest level.

This warranty does not include bone relation, operation cost and materials using in the operation. This warranty includes only physical and structural assurance of the implants. The warranty of the used implants are under the circumtance of the accurate prosthetic applications and protecting the his/her own oral health.